Women’s Creative Entrepreneurship & Equity Institute

Women are Perfect The Women's Creative Entrepreneurship & Equity Institute (WCEEI) is a social justice leadership program at Impact Hub Oakland that widens and strengthens the professional ecosystem by increasing the capacity of women to collaborate as entrepreneurs and change agents. Our integrated approach uses programming, exhibition, mentorship, and professional development to recall and support women’s historical innovations in creating equity and building power. Women of color (WOC) make up 39% of the total US women’s population but are mostly absent in the debate on key issues such as reproductive health and the economy which have disproportionate impact on their families. WCEEI places WOC at the center of design and leadership by cultivating the voices of cis/trans women interested in working inside the creative economy to inform/enact policies needed to achieve greater racial and economic equity.


Women of Impact

Women Of Impact is a WCEEI project at Impact Hub Oakland that brings together women who are emerging leaders, established entrepreneurs, successful businesswomen, intrapreneurs, non-profit leaders, investors, professionals and creatives. It is a container where new collaborative networks and ecosystems are formed and deepened. Programming includes; conferences, educational events, networking groups, and targeted mentoring for cis/trans women seeking to make positive impacts.

Town Hall on Girls & Women of Color

The Town Hall on Girls & Women of Color Project is a WCEEI project in collaboration with Omi Gallery that utilizes “artivism” and social practice as a means to investigate, design, and implement solutions that center girls and women of color as catalysts, leaders, and change agents in Oakland. Through an inclusive creative arts practice, the disruption of social, gender, economic and political norms which keep girls and WOC disproportionately oppressed are achieved through the shared strategies from past convenings as well as new innovations addressing the current political climate. Programming Includes; monthly social justice circles + tactical trainings, mentorship, art exhibitions, community events, and the annual "Breaking the Silence" Town Hall event in partnership with the African American Policy Forum.