WHAT DO I DO if…….?

  • I have spotty internet issues?…………….flag it here
  • I haven’t heard back from the Events Team quite yet?………email with the subject line: SECOND REQUEST: [insert event name here]

WHO DO I TALK TO when…….

  • Something’s broken or out of stock?……………write it up on the clipboard in the kitchen. Is it something urgent like toilet paper? Tell a host!
  • I want to check how many membership hours I’ve used?… and we’ll get that information for you.
  • I need to change/hibernate/cancel my membership?…..go to this page. email
  • A member’s making me uncomfortable?…………….tell a host and the staff will try our best to address it.
  • I want to throw an event here?………..submit a request here. 
  • I want to throw a workshop here?…….submit a request here. 
  • I want to a private office here?…… with your organization’s mission and spatial needs and we can get you on the waiting list.

I left (____fill in the blank precious item___) here last week. Is there a Lost&Found?

Oh, no! Come tell and host and we’ll look in our Lost & Found. Hope you find it!

How do I book a conference room?

Go to this page right here and you’ll see catalogue of our conference room spaces. There you’ll find the rates and times they’re available.

When I use conference rooms, do you automatically charge my account?

Right now you pay the day of using cash, card, or check and, in the future, it will be automatically billed to the payment information we have on file.


If a conference room’s not being used, can I slip in there for a second to make a call?

If it’s a quick 15-30 minute call, sure! We understand. If someone arrives to use the conference room, they had first dibs, so yield to their right of way 😉

Can I book a conference rooms on weekend?

If you’re a Hubber with 25 and above, absolutely. For Impact Hub 100 and Unlimited Members, you have 24/7 access to the space so there’s no extra charge. Impact Hub Members 25 and 50 will have a $30/hour staffing fee attached to their final room booking total to allow a staff member to host you during your meeting (open the door, address any tech issues, etc.)


You know, I’ve got a meeting coming up and we want to eat in. Can we cater?

Absolutely! You can find a few great recommendations on the “Rent A Space” page. We don’t care who you choose, only that they don’t deliver your fresh eats with tons of styrofoam, soy sauce packets, non-disposable utensils, and plastic packaging. It bums up to put that stuff into the earth so we’ve decided not to.

To better serve you, there’s a flat $30 cleaning fee to your final room booking total for the extra trash we’ll send to the landfill.


What if I just have a small group of people and I don’t want to pay for a conference room?

Not a problem, you can find a quiet space on the coworking floor or consider reserving a team room. They fit 2-3 people comfortably, have white boards, tables, and chairs inside, and they’re free! Reserve them the day of, first come, first served.

How does the kitchen work?

The kitchen at Impact Hub Oakland is a community kitchen. Everything’s there for you to use (plates, bowls, utensils, colanders, platters, hot plate, etc.), help yourself. Anything you use, you’ll clean up, because you’re amazing and capable adult. When you’re done with that cup of coffee or tea you prepared this morning, you’ll drop it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand. We love Impact Hub Oakland because our members take care of our space better than anyone in the network (no statistics to back up this claim but we’re going to go with it).

Am I supposed to wash my own dishes?

Mmmhm. Your coworkers do, so when in Rome.

I’ve got some extra food and want to give it to people, where should I put it?

We knew you were wonderful at this! Go ahead and set your freebees out on the kitchen counter. It won’t go to waste, promise.

Is there anything I shouldn’t bring into the kitchen?

We’re not really into coke and pepsi products (diet coke, diet pepsi, coke, pepsi, fanta, all that), 5-hour energy drinks, Monster energy drinks, a gabillion soy sauce packets, and styrofoam. That stuff is wack and hurts the earth. Be a dear and please keep that stuff at bay.

What is this Sexy Salad thing?

Hahaha, one thing Impact Hub Oakland is famous for and something not to be missed! Sexy Salad is a community potluck lunch where we, the organization, bring the greens, and you, our members, bring the fixin’s. Just like Oakland, we sit down as a family and break bread and salad together because it’s important to stop and be together. We eat at 12:30p and finish when everyone feels like they’re done connecting with each other. If you think you’re going to come fashionably late, you might come up short seat-wise (hiiiiighly likely)! Our suggestion: arrive at 12:00p – 12:15 and snag a seat before we make the “salad’s served” announcement. Can’t wait to see you at Salad!

How does Sexy Salad work?

Bring some salad greens, some croutons, some roasted beets–heck–some sunflowers seeds and join us at the table!

I feel like a free-loader. If I don’t bring something to Sexy Salad, can I still participate?

You can also help us prep or clean dishes if you’re crisper is bare. Come on down, we haven’t turned anyone away yet!

I would love for my business to sponsor Sexy Salad one day, how can I do that?

Email us at and we’ll get you up on the calendar. To maintain the integrity our family meal, sponsors become our hosts of the salad and get a chance to sit down right next to changemakers that have been currently unreachable by facebook posts.

Can I have guests?

Of course, your guests are our guests! You’re free to meet people at Hub, bring them in for a short-term working sessions, or even show them the space.

How long can my guests stay?

We have a 2-hour guest policy. After that, we’ll need to hook them up with a day pass. Day passes can be purchased at the Host Desk, half-day ($10.00)  is good for 4-hours and and full-day ($20.00) is good for 8-hours.



What should I do if I have someone meeting me here?

Your guests want to see you when they arrive more than they want to see us.  Friend, family, or client, you’re responsible for your guests, so share the address and make sure you’re down at front desk at your agreed time. Without your presence, we’ll invite your guests to hang out in the reception area until you arrive, they won’t be let into the coworking floor, for safety reasons.

If someone comes to visit me, a Host can just tell them where I am, right?

Nah. The space is far too big and there are too many members (good problem), so we’ll ask them to sit in the reception area until you come vouch for them. ::Smiles::


I want to bring 10 of my friends down here for a meeting, we’re going to meet out on the main floor, is that cool?

We love that you have such a big community to invite to the space! But that many people is tough to accommodate on the shared floor (you just displaced 10 other members) so you’ll need to book a conference room.

I’m hiring an intern, they can just work with me, right?

Buy them a membership for the frequency you expect to work with them in the coworking space and, yeah, they can.

Can I sit anywhere? Is there anywhere I shouldn’t sit?

The space is open for you! There aren’t any designated permissions locations out on the coworking floor (Part-time Members sit here and Full-Time Members sit here, no, no), the coworking floor is open to you. What we have set in place is cultural rules to allow you to choose the work-mode you need for the day. The main floor (the main entrance) is the collaborative “talking” side and the Atrium, (the long space, closest to Omi Gallery) is the quiet side. Based on your needs, sit anywhere you like, at any table 🙂

If someone’s jacket or bag is on a chair but I haven’t seen them, can I move it?

Ehhhhhh, I wouldn’t. Someone might just be away at the bathroom or skipping out to Sweet Bar Bakery or something. Go ahead and scope out another space that’s open. They’ll come back and retrieve their items, I wouldn’t worry about it.

If I want to have a video conference call on the floor, can I do that?

Video conference calls on loudspeakers can get a little disruptive out on the coworking floor. We have privacy booths for you, reservable the day of! Hit those and make sure you have a spot for your call. Privacy booths full? You like to be out on the floor? Pop-in some headphones for your call and everyone’s happy.

Where can I go to get some quiet work done?

One big open shared space just doesn’t work for meeting everyone’s needs. Either it’s too quiet or too loud. That’s why we have two separate spaces so you can choose your own working adventure: quiet or collaborative.  The Atrium is a designated quiet-zone and is found just off the main floor. Go there when you’re trying to hit your deadline or reserve a free privacy booth for up to 2-hours.

What do I do if someone’s talking in the quiet area?

Smile, tell them you love them, and remind them this is the quiet side of Impact Hub Oakland. 🙂

If someone’s talking loudly next to me on the “talking” side, can I tell them to be quiet?

You could, go ahead. Another thing though, you’re on the collaborative side so you might want to reevaluate if the Atrium (quiet-zone) might be a better environment for your current work.

Where can I go to make a private phone call?

Hit the privacy booths! We have a total of 8 here at Impact Hub Oakland. They can be found on both floors and have chalk-board markers you use to reserve your spot. If you know you’re going to have a call, arrive in the morning and reserve something for yourself.  If the call just happened, go see if one’s available, if not, you can step outside for a minute or see if a conference room is free. We don’t mind you finding solace there for a quick call.

Is the floor always this busy?

We love this question and here’s what we’ve concluded: the energy of the space makes it always feel a little more full than it is! Haha, our community is so happy to be there it feels both bustling and relaxing. In actuality, there are more desk spaces than you think, just wander around a bit and you’ll find one.
Also, different times of the day are more full than others. Mornings are quiet, mid-afternoons are peak and then it begins to wane towards the evening.

Where do I go to tell people about what I do?

Hylo, HubNet, and Sexy Salad are great resources for this.

Hylo is a physical and virtual platform to share what you’re working on, what you need, and what you offer to the Impact Hub Community. HubNet is the global internet that gets you chatting with not only the Bay Area Community but 6,000+ other changemakers. Lastly, Sexy Salad, our weekly community potluck (and friggin’ cultural institution!) is a great way to meet people in-person over a delicious plate of salad greens (and Calgary’s famous potatoes).

I found a Mac charger! Geez, someone’s probably freaking out that they can’t find it. What should I do with it?

Thank you! You saved someone’s day. Go find a host and turn the charger in, letting them know where you found it and when and we’ll hold it until someone comes looking for it.

How does membership work?

Sign up for how many hours you’ll need to work in the coworking space every month. Billing is month-to-month, no sign-up fees, no commitments. Cool, huh?

How do I track my hours?

Great question! The first question we often get asked. Every member has a key card that tracks their hours when they come in and out. You’ll badge in and out and this tracks the time you’ve spent on the coworking floor.

Do I have to badge in and out when I’m just going to be there for a second?

Yes, everyone needs to badge in and out.  We do need to know you are in the space using your hours.

What happens when I go over my hours?

No public embarrassment or corporal punishment, we promise. We don’t penalize anyone for small time infranciations (i.e. you went over 2 hours, 5 hours, etc) but if we notice that you’ve been in the space a lot more often than you signed up for, we’ll have a quick convo with you and, together, identify a membership level that might work better for your needs.

What are the hours of the space again?

9:00AM – 6:00PM for Non-Members


8:00AM – 7:00PM for Members with OAK 10 – OAK 50 memberships


24/7 for Members with OAK 100 & Unlimited memberships

*If you remain in the space past midnight to meet a project deadline, you must badge out.  If you exit out of the front doors our alarm system will go off!  Let’s not make this happen!  

Can I get in on weekends?

If you have a Hub 100 or Hub Unlimited Membership, yes! Your access card gives you 24/7 access to the space so if you need to meet your deadline Sunday at 1:00AM, more power to you.

A staff member calls me Part-Time Member, what does that mean?

Part-Time Members are folks who’ve signed up for a Hub Connect, Hub 10, Hub 25, and Hub 50 membership. Full-Time Members are people who’ve signed up for Hub 100 and Hub Unlimited.

What’s the difference between an organizational membership and an individual membership?

Perfect question. Organizational memberships are unique to Impact Hub Oakland and are designed to give large teams and established organizations far in their development access to the coworking space when they need a day-long retreat or a change of pace. Membership also connects organizations to the greater ecosystem of 7,000+ Likely and Unlikely Allies around the world for a more equitable world.
Individual memberships get you more hours and are good for small teams because each person can get a different membership level (we find that most teams don’t often work the same amount of time in the same space. This gives your team the flexibility that’s part-and-parcel of being a startup org anyway).

Can I use other Impact Hubs? How does that work?

We insist! You are an integral part of the Impact Hub Ecosystem and your membership gives you access to the local Impact Hubs around the Bay Area and induction into the Global Impact Hub Family. If you want to work at San Francisco or Berkeley, your part-time membership (Member Levels 10, 25, & 50) gets you 2 days/ per month at those spaces! If you’re a Full-Time Member (Member Levels 100 & Unlimited), your membership level gives you 4 days/per month at either Impact Hub San Francisco or Berkeley. Dope, right?

As for other Impact Hubs around the country, I would search that Hub on Google to find their contact info and connect with their Host before you arrive. S/He can help you with everything you need to know about working there while you’re in town.

If you’re traveling abroad, you can snag a Global Passport. Land at your Impact Hub Location, get one day free, and then get a discount on any additional days. This way you can hop from Impact Hub Rome to, heck, Impact Hub Singapore, without breaking the bank!