Are you a professional starting a business and intending upon eventually leaving your job?

Are you an early stage entrepreneur whose business is stalled or who is ready to pivot in a new direction?

Are you an entrepreneur who is stressed, not making enough money and not clear about next steps?

Starting or accelerating a business can be challenging in terms of time, effort, brain-bandwidth and money. If you are starting a business, this event will educate you on the most common stumbling blocks and how to avoid them. If you are already in business, you will learn more about how to build towards a higher level of performance and success.

We are all hardworking people and sometimes hardworking people can’t seem to see how to work smarter for themselves. It is always good to get a fresh, clean perspective.

What you will gain from this training:

1. NOT SEEING RESULTS & DOING A LOT OF WORK? Move from running in place to high focused actions.

2. GAIN POWERFUL TRACTION: Move from indecisive paralysis to clear and focused actions.

3. STUCK IN THINKING: Clarifying and peace-of-mind-inducing questions to help you move forward.

4. CONCRETELY MOVING FORWARD: Next easy steps to make this real in your life.

Concrete steps and actions to independently realize your dreams of being a business leader and visionary in your community whilst equipping yourself with the tools that other experienced business people have learned the hard way.

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See you soon!

Sandra Hughes, Organizer

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Date & Time

February 12 | 6:45 pm to 8:15 pm


Impact Hub Oakland – 2323 Broadway, Oakland, CA


Updated on 22 January 2019