The Mindfulness Moment: Midday Guided Meditation Break

We have a meditation room! Now, let’s use it!

Every Monday @ 3pm Amelía will be leading a 30 minute guided meditation that is sure to rejuvenate you at every level of your being.

These meditations are designed to:

  • Assist you in your personal practice
  • Cultivate your inner ear so you can hear your own wisdom come through
  • Leave you feeling refreshed and ready to meet the week ahead with clarity

Take the time out of your day to connect to your self, let go of the stress and invite in new inspiration.This group is for those of you who know that meditation is the key to living a healthy, fully expressed, and joyful life. It is open to beginners and advance meditators, anyone with a sincere interest can join.

When: 3-3:30pm
Where: The Meditation Room next to the East Oakland conference room
Cost: $5 Donation Request

headshot_webAmelía Aeon Karris, Sustainable Lifestyle Designer & Spiritual Guide
With over a decade of teaching, speaking and working with clients around the world, Amelía has helped thousands of people heal their body, de-program their mind, navigate expanding realities, and design a life they love.

Her latest endeavors have included co-teaching a month long workshops at Esalen, developing a 1000+ intentional community in India, and launching her own Eco Retreat & Holistic Learning Centre in the heritage town of Hampi, Karnataka offering residential retreats and courses in sustainable living.

Through her Mystery School for Modern Day Living, she offers online courses and individual counseling. Stay tuned for her upcoming book, Blissipline; A rebels guide to inner peace.

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Date & Time

26 January 2015 | 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm


Impact Hub Oakland 2nd Door


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: $5 Donation Request

Cost for Non Members: $5 Donation Request

Updated on 29 January 2015