Six-Week Inter-personal Mindfulness Meditation Series


Join us for a six-week exploration of mindfulness meditation – as an individual practice, as a way to be in relationships, and as a way to be engaged in the world. Together we will explore how 2,500 years of teachings on mindfulness meditation can support us in living more immediately and honestly with ourselves and with others.


In this series, we will relate mindfulness practice to some of the following topics:

>> Working with strong emotions (e.g., anxiety, fear, joy or love)
>> Finding deep intimacy with feelings in the body
>> Relationship between time/speed and being present
>> Classical teachings, including not-self, impermanence, emptiness
>> Working with the inner critic and self-compassion
>> Authenticity and our self-expression in work and life
>> Connection to the earth and the wild within us
>> Neuroscience and research on mindfulness
>> How meditation relates to social justice and oppression
>> Deep relational mindfulness processes

This course has been designed to offer an experience of entering into and journeying within deeper layers of our subconscious on our own and together as a community. We will explore how mindfulness as a practice of being present can also serve to cultivate deeper relationships with a like-minded group of peers. We hope that you may to learn from each other, connect and sustain yourself, your work, and your embodied expression and care for the world.



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Event Organizers

Nirali Shah


Date & Time

March 12 to April 16 | 6:00 pm to 8:45 pm


Impact Hub Oakland – 2323 Broadway, Oakland, CA


Updated on 13 March 2017