We host a regular blockchain meetup that targets underrepresented folks in the blockchain ecosystem – particularly women and people of color – and is open to everyone.

The first 20 minutes of each meeting are dedicated to “Introduction to Blockchains” so all newcomers can feel welcome; next, fellow members can bring their expertise to bear with 1-minute-each “Community Lightning Talks” for anyone who wants to introduce themselves or pitch an idea or company; the main chunk of 30-60 minutes is for invited speakers presenting on the latest topics in the field, with Q&A; the meeting closes with mingling & networking.

July Agenda:
– Laura Lopez – Introduction to Blockchains – great for newcomers!
– Community Lighting Talks – 1 minute each, open to anyone via sign-up at check-in
– Daisy Ozim presentation – Blockchains for Social Justice
– Networking &Mingling

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Event Organizers

Oakland Blockchain Meetup


Date & Time

16 July 2018 | 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm


Impact Hub Oakland


Updated on 14 June 2018