The Problem – Nervousness, lack of executive presence and confidence, not setting context well, too much information, not knowing enough about listeners, ineffective visual support, and overcoming derailing comments or dilution of focus.

Audience – All employees that work on small or large projects, team members, leaders, and managers. This program is designed for any business person who wants to differentiate themselves and achieve more consistent results in their formal and informal presentations.

The Solution: Develop Key Skills

1) Effective Behaviors

Project confidence, build credibility, address nervousness, and manage distractions through skillful use of eye contact, posture, gestures, movement, voice, pausing and rhythm, etc.

2) Compelling and Memorable Content

Organize clear, succinct, listener focused messages, designed for impact and persuasiveness.

3) Listener Adaptability

Adjust content and approach to match various technical levels and demographics.

4) PowerPoint and Visual Support Strategy

Design and use effective visuals. Relate skillfully to physical elements such as laptops, notes, handouts, and whiteboards.

5) Interaction & Conflict Management

Maintain attention and engagement. Handle difficult questions. Keep conversations positive and forward-moving.

6) Delivery in Varied Formats

Apply best practices for seated, informal presentations, demos, technical training, teleconference, web meetings.

• 4 videotaped exercises per participant
• Immediate private viewing of each videotaped practice
• 6 interactive learning modules
• Practice in various modes including seated, informal, 1:1
• Coaching sheets, job aids, and course book
• Personal SD card with up to 12 minutes of practice & coaching comments
• 10 participant limit to maximize individual attention and coaching

Benefits of the program:
· Improve communication with management & business partners
· More engaged employees
· Develop skills to help with negotiation and persuasion
· Communicate information vs. data
· Manage challenging interactions effectively
· Review and rehearse real content
· Help with design, review, and rehearsal of material
· Ongoing practice and development
· Practice extemporaneously in think on your feet situations

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Event Organizers

JD Communication Strategies


Date & Time

12 December 2019 | 9:15 am to 5:00 pm


Impact Hub Oakland – 2323 Broadway, Oakland, CA


Updated on 13 November 2019