Gain the confidence you need to manage your business’ operations and grow its impact.

Join Uptima Business Bootcamp’s 12-week Building Operational Capacity course. Program runs in Oakland at Impact Hub Oakland and San Francisco at Impact Hub SF from early February to late April.

In our Building Operational Capacity course, we guide you through a hands-on process for building internal capacities to execute on your operational plans, monitor business performance and impact, and make informed decisions on how to grow your business.


– Learn how to engage key stakeholders in using a SWOT analysis
– Identify key performance indicators for the business
– How to use qualitative and quantitative business performance and impact data to inform business strategy
– Create project plans for your goals over the next year
– Create a detailed project budget for your project plans
– How to summarize and present your financial forecast to key stakeholders
– Develop a cash flow projection and identify funding needs for the business

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Date & Time

January 24 | 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Impact Hub Oakland – 2323 Broadway, Oakland, CA


Entry Fee

Cost for Non Members: $400 monthly

Updated on 06 January 2020