Full day immersion workshop: Evolving Adaptive Organizations

This thought-provoking immersive full day workshop leaves participants thinking differently about organizational development and innovation. Over 3.8 billion years, nature has honed a set of deep principles for thriving in resource-constrained and ever-changing conditions. Of special interest are the ultra-social “superorganisms” –– ant and honeybee colonies, and underground fungal networks –– which function as diverse yet tightly cooperative units. These ancient societies effectively sense changing conditions and mobilize response, and are some of Earth’s most successful organizations as a result. Come discover these simple, time-tested deep principles, and learn how to implement them in your own organization for lasting success. This workshop is hands-on, and participants will learn by doing, with various exercises and games, including outdoor activites. We invite you to bring your own enterprise-specific challenges to explore bio-inspired solutions.

Participants will learn:

  • how bio-inspired innovation (biomimicry) can transform your industry and put you ahead of the curve
  • the deep principles ancient organizations rely on for effective collaborative decision-making, innovation, leadership, teamwork, and value production.
  • how to apply these principles to your own organizational and technological challenges

Limited scholarships available for leaders limited by financial circumstance. General registration $299. 50% discount for Impact Hub members. 10% of gross profit will be donated to further support local biomimicry education.

19 Apr, 6.30-9pm join us for a public presentation; Learning from Nature’s Adaptive Organizations.



Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker

Evolutionary Biologist, Biomimicry Pioneer, and author of Teeming: How Superorganisms Work to Build Infinite Wealth in a Finite World. Tamsin is a frequent and inspiring speaker with over 20 years experience in leadership, innovation, and sustainability, and works with a global clientele to develop bio-inspired solutions to pressing technological and social challenges. She teaches at Arizona State University’s Biomimicry Center, and writes The Biomimicry Manual, a regular column at Inhabitat, a digital magazine with over three million followers.

Leen Gorissen, PhD

Behavioral Ecologist and author of How Urban Change Makers Are Scaling Positive Change: Insights of Pioneering and Transformative Initiatives in Five European Cities. Leen serves as Transition Research Coordinator at the Flemish Institute for Technological Research in Belgium, is a Nexxworks’ Ignition Bootcamps for Business Leaders facilitator, and prvodes Bio-Inspired Strategy, Innovation and Change Consulting through Studio Transitio. She moderated the Roundtable of Young Entrepreneurs with Jeremy Rifkin in 2013, and is a frequent international keynote speaker with over 15 years of experience in R&D, Biomimicry Design, Social Innovation.

Yeshua Adonai

Interdisciplinary social entrepreneur and convener. Founder and Principal at Systemic Innovation, a B-corp consultancy devoted to empowering social entrepreneurs to design regenerative systems. Yeshua is a certified Regenerative Practitioner (TRP) with the Regenesis Group, and contributing member of Biomimicry for Social Innovation, a think tank for applying biological principles to human social redesign.

Please contact yeshua@biomimicrySF.org or 916.342.5102 for more information.

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Event Organizers

Yeshua Adonai


Date & Time

April 22 | 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


Impact Hub Oakland – 2323 Broadway, Oakland, CA


Updated on 11 April 2017