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Conversations that Matter Session 1: What is the Art of Hosting?


Sept 11th, 2013
1423 Broadway, Oakland
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$20 for Non-Impact Hub Oakland Members
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Calling all social entrepreneurs, community organizers, facilitators, organizational development consultants: Impact Hub Oakland and Dana Pearlman, co-author and publisher of: The Lotus: A practice guide for Authentic Leadership towards Sustainability will be offering a series of skill building sessions using The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter for the community. These sessions will be a space for inquiry and practice so you may deepen your own skills in hosting yourself and others in your work and personal life.

Session 1
In this session we will do an overview in The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter:
What is the Art of Hosting?
What does AoH have to do with Social Entrepreneurship and Community Organizing?
We will sense the system and do a group check in: to explore What are you hoping to get out of these sessions?
Digging into the practice and explore together: What skills do social entrepreneurs and community builders need in the 21st century?

About Dana
photo.JPGDana Pearlman
is a practitioner and co-host for intensives in The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter. She also leads workshops in Authentic Leadership that stems from her co created research. She co-authored and published: The Lotus: A practice guide for Authentic Leadership towards Sustainability. Her academic background is in clinical psychology and strategic leadership towards sustainability. She uses participatory facilitation processes and powerful questions to enable deeper wisdom at the individual, team, community and collective levels. Her intent is to build capacity within herself, to steward capacity building in others in order to manifest a world that is more whole, interconnected and in alignment with our true selves for wiser impact. Her sweet spot is at the intersection of authentic leadership, tapping into other ways of knowing (beyond cognition) the world, collective healing and community building in order to accelerate the profound transformation that is needed in our world.


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Date & Time

11 September 2013 | 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm


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