Our mission is to build an entrepreneurial community and coworking space to create solutions for a world that works for all.
Impact Hub is a community of change that supports professional and personal growth through:
business expertise
Transformative Ideas & Business Expertise
We provide a range of programs as part of our ongoing commitment to develop and support the success of our members. Our programs aim to accelerate your learning, introduce you to great thought leaders, and connect you with new collaborators, all in service of creating a better world we know is possible.
Supportive Relationships
Supportive Relationships & Serendipitous Encounters
Whether you're sitting in one of our ergonomically designed chairs or grabbing a cup of organic free trade coffee or tea in the kitchen, you're likely to make the connection you need to further your professional goals or realize a creative vision. Join a trusted community of like-minded peers, partners, and supporters to exchange thoughts and collaborate on projects.
Inspiring Space
Inspiring Community &
16,000 ft2 of Space
Impact Hub Oakland provides more than ergonomic seating and high-speed internet: it is uniquely designed to support an ecosystem of change-makers. Gorgeous and versatile, our space fosters collaboration and creativity for individuals, groups, and events. Whether you need peace and quiet or an energizing buzz of activity, every square foot is intended to facilitate inspiration.

You are joining a Community of Values

We invite the whole person into the space

and create a container for authenticity to emerge.

We believe in order to create a thriving and resilient community,

all voices and perspectives must be invited to join the conversation.

We thrive because we are diverse and multicultural.

We embody the African proverb:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Our purpose is creating space for and fostering innovation through collaboration.


We believe a spark of inspiration has the ability to change the world.

We consciously create an atmosphere of inspiration.

We honor each other’s special gifts and differences

and keep sacred our physical environment.

We value the opportunity to give to our

community and receive from it.

We leverage each other’s strengths and resources

and gain the knowledge we need to effectively

contribute to making a better world.

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Meet our Team



Curiosity and an immense appreciation for the diversity of human experience inspire Briana’s work in the world. While Brian…

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Carla Wojczuk

Carla is passionate about people, place, and possibility. She finds joy in making environments life-giving and making magic …

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Ami Katagiri

Driven, intuitive, and extremely empathetic individual. Seeking ways to bolster our communities from the inside out using the…

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Annie Abernethy

Annie is a fervent believer in community. She finds joy in creating space for people to come together, and joins the IHO team…

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Nilo Amiri

The first time she stepped into Impact Hub Oakland for an event, Nilo knew she’d be back. She was inspired by the presence …

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Mila Krambo

Mila is new to the co-working culture but eager to help make the most of our amazing space and enhance our members experience…

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Ayana Ivery

Ayana Dionne Ivery is a Graphic Designer and has been creating multi-media art since 2003, professionally since 2005. She has…

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David Jackson

David Jackson is an Oakland native with a passion for social entrepreneurship and social justice. David has been a lifelong e…

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Adam Stiles

Adam is the Hub’s Operations Manager, aka building whisperer. He oversees the space and its various systems that allow our …

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Meet our Founders


Konda Mason

Konda Mason is the Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Hub Oakland, a beautiful inspiring co-working space that supports and connect…

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Lisa Chacón, PhD, MS

Lisa is the co-founder, co-director and COO of Impact Hub Oakland. She brings a wealth of experience to her role gained from …

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Ashara Ekundayo

Ashara is a cultural worker of the urban landscape and brings her whole self and more than 20 years of professional experienc…

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Edward West

Edward is an entrepreneur and educator. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University, and an MBA from Presidi…

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Kristin Hull

Kristin is an educator, activist, entrepreneur and conscious investor. She began her career as a bilingual elementary school…

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Zakiya Harris

Zakiya is is a California native, who has been working as an artist, educator and activist for the past 10 years. She receive…

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Ahmed Rahim

Ahmed, Business & Finance Team is the CEO, co- founder and master blender behind Numi Organic Tea. Before starting the Nu…

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What started in 2005 as a gathering place for Impact pioneers in London has grown into a community of more than 7,000 professional members in 50+ Impact Hub locations worldwide. As an Impact Hub member, you gain access to each and every location worldwide. This growing community utilizes the power of entrepreneurship and collaboration to generate and advance innovative approaches social and environmental challenges at both local and global levels. The Impact Hub network is a global force for the new economy. We invite you to explore our network, from San Francisco to Singapore, Johannesburg to Madrid, and dozens of other cities across the globe.
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