Impact Hub Oakland is a coworking & event space for a global community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals taking action to drive positive social and environmental change.

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Impact Hub Oakland is a member-based coworking space and event venue for entrepreneurs creating positive impact.

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Whiteness Unplugged: A conversation on Anti-Racism for White/Jewish/European Folks

“Let the resistance move us into deeper levels of resistance and let us turn despair into outrage and demands and the movement we need for another world, against and beyond this nightmare.” –Chris Crass, White anti-racist Activist Whiteness Unplugged: A…

COCAP 2017 Happy Hour Kick-Off

Join us for Cocktails + Bites at the COCAP 2017 Happy Hour Kick-Off on Thursday, Sept 21st, 6:30pm-8:30pm at Omi Gallery at Impact Hub Oakland. We will come together in this moment to celebrate what we have already accomplished…all the…

Breaking the Silence Town Hall on Girls & Women of Color 2017

Join Omi Gallery at Impact Hub Oakland and members of the #BTSBayArea Planning Committee in partnership with the African American Policy Forum for Breaking the Silence Town Hall Bay Area – a powerful day of action and restoration as **girls…

Uptima Presents: The Art of Commerce – Creating a Living as an Artist

Are you struggling to create a living as an artist? Please join us for The Art of Commerce – Creating a Living as an Artist. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to balance art and commerce, both practically and artistically.…


Seven Questions for Sarah Lum, Interaction Designer

Hubber and interaction designer SARAH LUM recently led a cross-country, five-week design sprint to understand cultures around undocumented immigrants, refugees, and Muslims. Here’s what she said about that experience and how we as a community can show up for each other. Read more

Cedric Brown and Opening The Kapor Center for Social Impact

Cedric Brown and Opening The Kapor Center for Social Impact By Roe Cummings (Read Time: 3 min)   After nearly 6 years from conception to reality, the Kapor Center (pronounced: KAY-Pour) for Social Impact is opening up the street! Naturally,…

“Which Side Will You Be On?” #BlackLivesMatter and Comic Arts at Omi Gallery

“Which Side Will You Be On?” #BlackLivesMatter and Comic Arts at Omi Gallery By Sewon Chung Barrera     On March 23rd, a cross-cultural, intergenerational group of artists, comic-fans, activists, organizers, teachers, students, and entrepreneurs gathered at Impact Hub Oakland.…

Art and Technology Fuel Activism: Our Partnership with Impact Hub Oakland

By Monica Finc, Office Architect, Thoughtworks San Francisco It’s hard to ignore the economic and social divide in the bay area. We’re in a huge housing crisis, we have massive economic inequality, and no shortage of startups pledging to save…


Impact HUB Oakland has chosen United Roots and Youth SEED to launch Youth HUB, a collaborative workspace for young social innovators, and provides programming that will create a pipeline for low-income youth of color to participate in creating business enterprises that address social and environmental issues.