Impact Hub Oakland is a coworking & event space for a global community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals taking action to drive positive social and environmental change.

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Impact Hub Oakland is a member-based coworking space and event venue for entrepreneurs creating positive impact.

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Sexy Salad Lunch Time Potluck

  Tired of crumbs getting wedged in your keyboard? Then peel your eyes away from that computer screen and join your fellow Impact Hub Members, Staff, and Soon-to-be-Members for this fun and engaging Impact Hub Global event. IHO will provide…

ARTIST TALK #2 – “Caldera” works by Joshua Mays

“Caldera” works by Joshua Mays January 8 – February 27 cal·de·ra kalˈderə,kôlˈderə,kalˈdirə/ noun. a large volcanic crater, typically one formed by a major eruption leading to the collapse of the mouth of the volcano. Self taught Oakland-based muralist, illustrator and…

Office Hours for Small Businesses

Please join us for a Small/Medium Business (SMB) Info Session and Office Hours with Google and the Black Googler Network (BGN). The event will be held at ImpactHub Oakland on February 19, 2016. Doors open at 6:30p. We want to…

Breaking The Silence Town Hall on Girls & Women of Color

“BREAKING THE SILENCE” OAKLAND TOWN HALL ON GIRLS & WOMEN OF COLOR Breaking the Silence Town Hall Oakland creates the space for local decision makers to listen to the challenges and daily experiences of *girls and women of color in…


Art and Technology Fuel Activism: Our Partnership with Impact Hub Oakland

By Monica Finc, Office Architect, Thoughtworks San Francisco It’s hard to ignore the economic and social divide in the bay area. We’re in a huge housing crisis, we have massive economic inequality, and no shortage of startups pledging to save…

U.Lab Week #5: The Social Change Ecology & Interoperability

Last Thursday a small group met for Week 5 of the U.Lab @ Impact Hub Oakland. We began with a listening meditation we have practiced every time since our first meeting. In this practice, instead of trying to ignore distracting…

#SayHerName at Omi Gallery

The powerful voice for black feminism and justice can be heard within the Omi Gallery at Impact Hub Oakland this summer. In an effecting show of artivism, the #SayHerName exhibit places hyper-focus on the soul wrenching fight to bring Black…

4 Money Smart Tips to Save Your Business from Failing

4 Money Smart Tips to Save Your Business from Failing “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.” Henry David Thoreau Driven by progressive social and business enterprises, the City of Oakland is in the…


Impact HUB Oakland has chosen United Roots and Youth SEED to launch Youth HUB, a collaborative workspace for young social innovators, and provides programming that will create a pipeline for low-income youth of color to participate in creating business enterprises that address social and environmental issues.